Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz 2010

MMA 50th Anniversary Dinner with Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

Last 2 weeks, on the 14th of July 2010, the Society of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students (SMMAMS) was invited to attend the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) 50th Anniversary dinner with the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak at the Hotel Royale Chulan, Kuala Lumpur. About 1000 doctors from all over Malaysia attended the dinner. Those attending include SMMAMS Immediate Past Chairman, Mr. Thanesh Kumar; Chairman Mr. Justin Lee; Vice Chairman, Mr. Lutfi Fadil bin Lokman; Secretary, Ms. Loo Kar Yee; Asst. Secretary, Mr. Melvin Loh; Treasurer, Ms. Sheela Josephine John and committee members Mr. Vincent Khor, Ms. Priya Dashene Raj and Ms. Jayanthi Selvam.

The dinner was preceded with the arrival of the Prime Minister along with other VIPs, including the Minister of Health, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai; Minister of Tourism, Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen; Deputy Minister of Defence Datuk Dr. Abdul Latiff and our Director General of Health Tan Sri Datuk Haji Mohn Ismail Merican, and the current MMA President, Dr. David Quek Kwang Leng.

An opening speech was given by the organizing chairman, Dr. Kuljit Singh, followed by speech from MMA President, Dr. David. He spoke on healthcare in 10th Malaysian Plan, free trade zone among doctors in ASEAN zone, 1Care Malaysia, medical education in Malaysia and the most important issue, the 1Malaysia Clinic being managed by MA and Nurses.

The summit of the event was the speech by the Prime Minister. He addressed several issues encountered by the medical profession, and announced his plan to launch 1Malaysia Mobile clinic and open more 1 Malaysia Clinics under the 10th Malaysia Plan as part of its continuous effort to provide quality and afforadable healthcare services to the people.

The MMA is now 50 years old (1960 - 2010). The honorable Prime Minister after his speech launched the new 50th Year MMA logo followed by cutting of anniversary cake. A token of appreciation from MMA was handed to Prime Minister by the MMA president, Dr. David Quek. It was a framed picture of the late PM's father, Tun Abdul Razak in 1967, as he was declaring opening of the 5-storey MMA building in Jalan Pahang, Kuala Lumpur.

It was a great honor for the SMMAMS Committee to attend such a prestigious dinner and have a chance to meet the PM in person. Through the interview with some of the senior MMA members, we had the opportunity to learn the ropes of the Malaysian Healthcare system. It was inspiring to realize that we are all going to be the future leaders, and someday our time will come for us to lead and share the responsibility of ensuring continuous advancement of the Malaysian healthcare.

SMMAMS committee members with DG for Health Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Haji Mohd Ismail Merican (President of Malaysian Medical Council) with MMA President, Dr. David (Right end)

Organizing Chairman, Dr. Kuljit Singh (Deputy Secretary General, MMA)

Our "boss", MMA President, Dr. David Quek


Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Medical Students 2010- Joint Pain Management

Continuing Medical Education (CME) has been long part of Malaysian Medical Association regularly organized in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies, to update practitioners with recent advances in medical field.
The Society of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students (SMMAMS) does its part by organizing CMEs for the Malaysian medical students, on a yearly basis. However, this CME is rather different as it is organized as a full day event and focuses on particular topic (rather than updating the participants about new drugs or recent advances).

This year, the CME for Medical Students 2010 was held on 10th of July 2010 (Saturday) at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysian (PPUKM). The theme was interesting and relevant to our future day-to-day practice -

"Joint Pain - Early Detection, Better Management and Effective Prevention"

A total of 200 students, from 9 medical schools attended this event.

The event was officiated by Miss Nur Aishah Binti Abdul Latiff, Director of CME for Medical students 2010 and it was followed by keynote talk from Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Sharir Mohamed Said, a rheumatologist from UKM Medical Centre (PPUKM). The talk was comprehensive and inspiring as he covered the various aspects of joint pain and the diverse presentation of the disease.

There was also a sketch presentation of Joint pain from Crimea State Medical University (CSMU). It was an entertaining performance both educational and humorous.
During this session, 4 students from each university underwent a grueling test of their knowledge in anatomy, physiology, internal medicine - rheumatology, treatment and management related to the theme: Joint Pain, in an exam-like setting.

Melaka-Manipal Medical College (MMMC)

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysian (UKM)

International Medical University (IMU)

The afternoon started off with the talk on "How to be a Five-Star Doctor?" by Prof. Dr. Harline Haliza Hj. Siraj, Head of Professional and Personal Development (PPD) module, UKM Medical Centre. Thereafter, the finals of the rheumatology quiz were held. The finalists were participants from:


The closing ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Zaleha Abdullah Mahdy, advisor of PERSIAP UKM ande Deputy Dean (Undergraduate study and Society Affairs) Medical Faculty UKM; and Dr. Kuljit Singh, Deputy Secetary of Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). There was a short power point video to mark the closure of the event followed by photo session with dignitaries.

SMMAMS Committee Members with dignitaries

On a whole, it was a valuable experience. The knowledge gained was vast and essential as the theme addressed a common medical condition among the population especially the elderly group. New friendships were made, old friendships were renewed and these good memories are to be cherished till the next CME for Medical Students.

If you have missed this event and would like to know about our future events, do visit our website or contact us for further details.

Till we meet again in the next CME!

Priya Dashene Raj (Monash University)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The 4th Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit 2010


What of New Economic Model? What of corruption? The attacks of places of worship, the parading of religous symbols, racial fears etc....... Its time for the Malaysian students and student leaders to come together, and let our opinions known. And of course, it includes we Malaysian medical students, after all, this is our Malaysia, we want to be part of its development, we want to voice out our opinions and we want our aspirations to be heard.

The Annual Malaysian Student Leaders Summit is organized by the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students (UKEC), it is hoped that the participants will develop a better understandings on the issues facing our nations, and hence be better prepared to undertake the unique challenges that lie ahead in charting the way forward for Malaysia.

It will be held on 31st July and 1st August 2010 at Nikko Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

The proposed program agenda will be as follow:

DAY ONE- 31st July 2010 (Saturday)

Royal Officiating Adress "The Role of Youth in Malaysian Society"

  • Y.B.M. Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, former finance minister

The Responsibility of Media towards Nation Building - "The Tri-lemma of quality, ethics and independence"

  • YBhg Datuk Ahirudin Attan, Blogger, Editor of The Malay Mail and President of the National Press Club

  • YBhg Datuk Zainul Arifin Mohd Isa, NSTP Group Managing editor

  • Mr. Steven Gan, chief-editor of MalaysiaKini

  • Mr. Jahabar Sadiq, editor of Malaysian Insider

The NEM and 10th Malaysian Plan - "Economic Transformation and Its implication on Today's Generation"

  • Y.B. Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry

  • Mr. Omar Mustapha, Managing Principal and Director of Ethos & Company

  • Y.B. Tony Pua, MP of Petaling Jaya Utara

  • Prof. Jomo Sundaram, Economist and UN Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development

  • Prof. Dr. Danny Quah, NEAC Council Member

Business in ASEAN and Beyond - "Raising the Benchmark for National Performance"

  • Pn. Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood, President of KL Business Club

  • Mr. John Pang, CEO of CIMB ASEAN Research Institute

  • YBhg Tan Sri Dato' Azman Bin Haji Mokhtar, Managing Director of Khazanah Nasional

  • Mr. Ganesh Kumar, CEO of MOL Berhad

Keynote Address - "The Role of Education in Shaping Today's Future; The Realisation of 1Malaysia"

  • Y.A.B. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj. Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia

DAY TWO - 1st August 2010

Young Talents - "Reaching for the Unconventional Dream"

  • YBhg Datuk Nichol Ann David, national squash player

  • Mr. Timothy Tiah, Executive Director of Nuffnang

  • Mr. Jason Lo, singer and entrepreneur

Malaysian Politics - "The Malaysian Political Mindset: Will Politics of Ideology Trump that of Race?"

  • Y.B. Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, UMNO Youth Chief

  • Y.B. Khalid Abdul Samad, MP of Shah Alam

  • Y.B. Dato' Ibrahim Ali, MP of Pasir Mas

Youth - "Lowering Youth Voting Age: Enpowering Youth, Enlarging Electrorates, Aspiring Politics"

  • Mr. Faizal Abdul Aziz, PKPIM President

  • YTM Zainal Abidin Tuanku Muhriz, IDEAS

Closing Address - "The Stability of the State, Crime in Malaysia and Role of the Police"

  • Y.B. Dato' Seri Hishammudin Tun Hussien, Minister of Home Affairs

*Speakers are subject to change

Some of might think that, does it have anything to do with medical profession? Well, some are not, but some has indirect effects on our Healthcare industry. Concerning and caring about the country's policy, issues and directions are the basic responsibilites of all Malaysians. You might get to learn something by the end of the summit, and also get the opportunity to know our leaders, and also Malaysian student leaders from all around the world, to expand your social networking.

Registration is FREE. If you are interested, please kindly log on here for further information and registration. Don't miss the opportunity!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To be a member of Society of MMA Medical Students, is the responsibility of the future doctor in Malaysia. Register now.

Many of us, Malaysian medical students are not aware of the existence of SMMAMS until we have came to the activities or events organized by SMMAMS. Yes, in Malaysia, we have a medical students organization which represents Malaysian medical students who voices up for our rights, organizes activities for medical students and provides a platform for all of us to come and interact with each others.

Some will asks: "What are the benefits of joining SMMAMS?" Ok, there are many benefits and previlleges you will get by joining us, but I am just going to list few here:
  • Every SMMAMS member will be invited to participate in various activities organized by SMMAMS e.g. Medical Students Conference, CME, Workshops, Sports Meet, Fellowship etc. (discounts will be given to SMMAMS members in all events)
  • Every SMMAMS member will receive a monthly issue of BERITA MMA, published by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). It keeps us abreast of the latest news and issues revolving around Malaysian doctors and heath care system.
  • Every student member will automatically registered for the Medical Protection Society (MPS). Medical students doing their electives will have their insurance covered for free regardless of placement.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you give MMA your voice! You strengthen MMA's ability to be your representative in the fight to protect the medical profession in Malaysia.
    With all the benefits you are receiving, you just have to pay RM20 / year ONLY!
    Instead, I will say that joining a medical students association is the responsibility of every medical student, just as all doctors should join their respective medical association in their country. We sincerely like to invite all Malaysian medical students, who are yet to be our member, take the first step by downloading the membership application form and register as SMMAMS member.
    "Together Everyone Achieve More"
    [click here for more information on how to apply for membership]

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    Welcoming Message from SMMAMS Chairman 2010-2011

    Dear friends, dearest colleagues,

    The Society of MMA Medical Students (SMMAMS) welcomes you to a new year and a new journey with us. Many years back, the Malaysian Medical Students Association was formed with the purpose of being a representative for medical students and an advocate for the interests of medical graduates. 8 years ago, this association was adopted by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA); and now, being under the umbrella and guidance of the MMA, we are able to dream bigger and strive for greater heights.
    This year, our immediate goal is to reach out to all medical students in Malaysia and invite them to join our family. To achieve this vision, Malaysian medical students need to be informed about SMMAMS; they need to know that in SMMAMS, they have a body that represents them and protects their interests, and also a channel where their voices and opinions can be heard.
    As an organization run by medical students for medical students, we are excited to inform you that we have many events planned for you this year. It is my hope that you will participate in these activities for there is much more to being a medical students than mere studies.
    Know that if you are Malaysian and if you are a medical student, then this society is for you. Join us. Register and be a member of the SMMAMS.
    All the best and welcome abroad.
    Justin ZE Lee
    Chairman 2010-2011
    Society of MMA Medical Students (SMMAMS)

    2nd Malaysian International Medical Students Conference (MIMSC) 2010

    The 2nd Malaysian International Medical Students Conference 2010 had been a great successful conference organized by SMMAMS in collaboration with University of Malaya, marking another milestones achieved by the Malaysian Medical Students. ...[Read more]...

    Saturday, July 3, 2010


    The new chapter of the fiscal year begins! Many events and activities are coming up soon!! This year, the SMMAMS Committee pledges to serve their best, to organize more activities at the national level, to bring all Malaysian Medical Students together!

    Some of the upcoming activities that we brought to all of you:

    • INTER-MEDICAL SCHOOL SPORTS MEET - will be held at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) around September 2010 - Don't miss it!!

      good in design? get ready with your drawing tools and programs and help us to design SMMAMS T-shirt, which belongs to every Malaysian Medical Students. Make your fame, as all Malaysian Students who wear it will know, this T-shirt is designed by YOU!!! Mystery Prize: Master Cardiology Stethoscope???? Details of competition coming up SOON!
      middle of May or June 2011. Where you want it to be held?? Somewhere different rather than Kuala Lumpur all the time??? Please vote for the venue you want!!
      - wish to voice out something in your heart, which can make a difference and improve our medical education and healthcare system? Finalist will debate during the 3rd MIMSC in front of all participating medical students!!

    We are going to be more active this year. We are different now and we are going to make a difference in the coming fiscal year! We are looking for FULL SUPPORT from all Malaysian Medical Students, regardles whether they are studying at local university, private university or studying abroad at Foreign medical schools.

    1st SMMAMS Committee Meeting

    The 1st SMMAMS Committee Meeting for fiscal year 2010-2011 had been held at MMA office on 26 June 2010, from 9.00am - 1.00pm.
    Some of the agendas and issues which were discussed during the meeting:
    1. 3rd Malaysian International Medical Students' Conference (MIMSC)
    2. Upcoming events like CME, Sports Meet at UPM, Medical Students' Debate Competition
    3. SMMAMS T-shirt Design Competition
    4. SMMAMS ICT (Website, Facebook, SMMAMS TV)
    5. MMA Students Membership- proposal of Online Application, Student-Friendly application form.

    The next meeting will be held around October 2010.

    Friday, July 2, 2010


    Here you go!!! The idea of SMMAMS Online TV was conceived during the 1st SMMAMS Committee Meeting. So, what are we planning to do?????

    We will record down LIVE every event organized or co-organized by SMMAMS, and also including some of the highlighted events which are happening in Malaysian Medical School (if possible in foreign school too!). E.g. Conferences, Continuing Medical Education, Workshops, Quiz, cultural events etc......

    Besides, we might conduct interviews with some of the prominent Professors or doctors, to discuss and comment on the relevant issues on health care, medical education, ethics, human rights etc. Some clinical skills video or auscultation audio files can also be shared in SMMAMS TV for every medical students' benefits.

    Suggestion and ideas are very much welcome from all of you! Thanks!

    ** 1st Episode will be COMING SOON after the CME at UKM!! Stay updated with us! **