Medical students are represented through their own democratic, policy making body: the Society of Malaysian Medical Association Medical Students (SMMAMS)
  • Core purpose
  • Envisioned Future
  • Objectives
  • Leadership Structure
Core Purpose:
SMMAMS is dedicated to:
  1. represent all Malaysian Medical Students,
  2. strive for the betterment of medical graduates,
  3. promote activism for the healthcare of Malaysians,
  4. build the spirit of goodwill and friendship among Malaysian Medical Students.
Envisioned Future
SMMAMS strives to be the medical students' leading voices to strive for the betterment of medical graduates, advancing health care and advocating for the future of Medicine.

With activities, projects and programs, SMMAMS will pursue being:
  • The advocate for Medical Students;
  • The leading medical students' organization for advancing issues of medical education, community service, ethics and health policy;
  • The principal source for obtaining and disseminating information for medical students regarding medical education;
  • A vibrant organization that provides values for its medical student members.
Leadership structure:
The activities of SMMAMS are overseen by an 11-members Executive Committee that is elected by the Head of Delegates from each Malaysian Medical School during the annual Malaysia International Medical Students Conference (MIMSC). The Executive Committee is responsible to direct the SMMAMS agendas and strategies towards achieving the goals and vision of SMMAMS.