Monday, March 28, 2011

MMA Foundation Study Loan Application Guidelines

A few colleagues had email us on the Guides on MMA Foundation (MMAF) Study Loan Application. I hope that you find this article useful for the Loan application.

The requirements for the application are:
- Currently enrolled in a recognized medical colleges/ universities
- Good Academic Performance
- MMA Student Member

You need to write an Loan Application Letter to:

Student Loan Committee, MMA Foundation

The Letter should state the reason for the loan application. Together with your copy of your latest university's exam result and email them to: Ms. Linda on , and cc copy to

The MMA Foundation Committee only gives out 20 study loan per year, and they prefer 4th or 5th year students, so that they can pay back as soon as they graduate. Although so, junior medical students are encouraged to try if you need the aid.

Thank you. [any info, please email us on]


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