How to apply for SMMAMS Membership?? It is very easy!!

Just follow the 5 simple steps below, and you can easily apply for SMMAMS membership (MMA Student Membership):

Step 1: Download the membership application form and print it out.
Step 2: Turn to the first page. Fill in your particulars
  • No. 1: Name
  • No. 3: Identity Card (IC) number
  • No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8: Date of Birth, Sex, Marrital status, Nationality and Race
  • Skip No. 2 (Title), No.9 and 10 (MMC registration no.); and No. 11 and 12 (Spouse name and IC) if you are not married.
  • Skip No. 13 (Professional Qualifications)
  • No. 14 (Working address) can be filled in as the address where you are staying while you are studying (monthly BERITA MMA will be sent to this address)
  • No. 15 and No. 16: fill it up
  • No. 17: You are encouraged to tick "house address"
  • No. 18: Employment status, tick (MS)"Medical Student"
Step 3: Turn to the second page (which is No.19 - Nature of Practice)
  • Skip No.19 (Nature of Practice)
  • Sign your name under "Signature of Applicant" and write the date.
  • Leave the "Proposer" and "Seconder" section blank.
  • Leave the section at the bottom of second page blank.
Step 4: You are DONE filling up the form! Now, just prepare the following documents
  1. Copy of your IC (Identity Card)
  2. A Cheque / Bank Draft / Money Order made payable to "MALAYSIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION". The amount is RM 20 per year. (e.g. This year is 2010, and I am graduating in 2013. Hence, I will write a cheque of RM 80. Calculation: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; 4 x RM 20 = RM 80)
  3. A passport size/ IC size photograph of you
Step 5: MAIL THE FORM and 3 DOCUMENTS (Copy of IC, Letter of Certification and Cheque/ Bank Draft / Money Order) to:
The Honorary General Secretary
4th Floor, MMA House,
124, Jalan Pahang,
53000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

You are now part of our big family. Welcome to SMMAMS!