Thursday, May 26, 2011

Announcing Winner of Malaysian Medical Student T-Shirt Design Competition 2011

The winning design for the Malaysian Medical Student T-Shirt Design Competition 2011, as voted by the Malaysian medical students, is

Congratulations to Ng Juin Yi, medical student from UKM, who has won an iPod Touch.

This design will be the official T-Shirt design for the Society of MMA Medical Students (SMMAMS).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nominations for SMMAMS Committee 2011/2012

The following are the latest list of the nominations received for the the election of SMMAMS Committee 2011/2012.

1) Ataullah Abd Latib (USM)

2) Yeap Hsiao Hui (UTAR)

3) Nur Izzaty binti Abu Bakar (UKM)

4) Deenish Muniandy (PMC)

5) Jayanthi Selvam (UPM)

6) Carl Samuel (PMC)

7) Naim bin Abdul Malik (UiTM)

8) Carol Lee Pei Shin (Melaka Manipal Medical College)

9) Izza Arsyika (Melaka Manipal Medical College)

10) Priya Dashene Raj (Monash)

There are still pending nominations from other universities. A reminder to all that the election process will be conducted during the Head of Delegates meeting, and the official installation will be done during the Gala Dinner.

The following is a brief outline of the organizational structure of SMMAMS. The latest organizational structure has been adopted following our status now as an IFMSA member.

Organizational Structure

Note : We have received comments of problems with accessing the nomination forms. If you would like to run for position, but had encountered such problem, do email in order to process your nomination.

Monday, May 23, 2011

SMMAMS - BMJ Learning Competition - First Question!!!! You could win an iPod Touch!

Can you interpret a chest Radiograph?

Have a go at the first question below to test your knowledge, and then complete the module.
Our first BMJ Learning question is….

A 77 year old man presents with fever, a productive cough, dyspnoea, and pleuritic chest pain over two days. He is a heavy smoker. On examination his respiratory rate is 35 breaths per minute, his temperature is 38°C, his pulse is 110 beats per minute, and his blood pressure is 100/55 mm Hg. He was orientated in time and place. He has coarse crackles anteriorly on the right.

Results of investigations are:
• Arterial pO2: 7.3 kPa on room air
• pCO2: 7.0 kPa on room air
• Blood urea: 10.2 mmol/l• C reactive protein: 480 mg/dl
• White cell count: 18 x 109/l
• His chest radiograph is shown below.

What is the most striking abnormality on the chest radiograph?

a. Right upper lobe consolidation
b. Right middle lobe consolidation
c. Right pleural effusion
d. Right lower lobe consolidation

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer straight away…Click on the learning module Chest radiographs: a guide to interpretation to learn more. Complete the module and pass, then send your answer to

If you have trouble with the link above – you can search for the module on the website instead:

REMEMBER! You need to register with a Malaysian Medical Association Voucher code to enter this contest. To request for a code, email

Closing Date: 27 May 2011


Friday, May 20, 2011

BMJ Learning Contest Updates

Some colleagues approached me today and apparently there are some miscommunication between us and MMA.

Ok, we have sorted out with BMJ Learning, and those who are interested to participate, can send us an email to request for the voucher code. Email us at or send us a message via Facebook.

Please kindly specify your:


First questions will be sent out on 23rd May 2011. Please register now to win an iPod Touch from BMJ Learning.

Thank you.

SMMAMS Committee

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BMJ Learning Contest for MMA Medical Students Members


Dear Students,

We have been working with Malaysian Medical Association to bring you an exciting opportunity to win an iPod Touch whilst making the most out of the BMJ Learning resource provided to you as part of your membership with the association.

Over the next 6 weeks (23 May to 30 June) we will be sending out three questions relevant to your medical studies. The answers to these 3 questions will be hidden in 3 BMJ Learning modules which you must complete and pass.

You will send your answer each week to with your FULL NAME, EMAIL and TELEPHONE NUMBER.

BMJ Learning is an e-learning platform, which offers a wide range of learning resources which deal with everyday issues in primary care and hospital medicine.

  • BMJ Learning is accessed via registration with a voucher code (Please request this code from
  • Go to You will need to register on the site by clicking the Redeem Voucher Code button on the top right hand corner of the page, but once you have completed the registration you are free to access the website from any location.

A quick note about the Rules:
Each participant must complete each module successfully. The BMJ will check the completion of modules and we will select the winning student who has clearly understood and completed each module, and has submitted their answers by the given deadline.

Look out for the first question coming soon!

SMMAMS Committee