Monday, May 23, 2011

SMMAMS - BMJ Learning Competition - First Question!!!! You could win an iPod Touch!

Can you interpret a chest Radiograph?

Have a go at the first question below to test your knowledge, and then complete the module.
Our first BMJ Learning question is….

A 77 year old man presents with fever, a productive cough, dyspnoea, and pleuritic chest pain over two days. He is a heavy smoker. On examination his respiratory rate is 35 breaths per minute, his temperature is 38°C, his pulse is 110 beats per minute, and his blood pressure is 100/55 mm Hg. He was orientated in time and place. He has coarse crackles anteriorly on the right.

Results of investigations are:
• Arterial pO2: 7.3 kPa on room air
• pCO2: 7.0 kPa on room air
• Blood urea: 10.2 mmol/l• C reactive protein: 480 mg/dl
• White cell count: 18 x 109/l
• His chest radiograph is shown below.

What is the most striking abnormality on the chest radiograph?

a. Right upper lobe consolidation
b. Right middle lobe consolidation
c. Right pleural effusion
d. Right lower lobe consolidation

Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer straight away…Click on the learning module Chest radiographs: a guide to interpretation to learn more. Complete the module and pass, then send your answer to

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Closing Date: 27 May 2011


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  1. its right upper lobe consolidation. just give a try.:)