Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Health Care Workers Equipments and Dress Code- A potential source of nosocomial infection

A colleague from UKM approached me, to do an interesting survey on medical students' dress code and its relationship with nosocomial infections.

Have you ever wonder that you might be a source of serious infections within the hospital settings? The lab coat you are wearing everyday, then you carry it back to your hostel or into the lecture theatre and so on. The stethoscope you use everyday to auscultate chestsssss of different patients, do you clean it before you proceed to next examination??

Please participate in our poll on the right side of the website, just take your time and choose the answer. Let see what is going on everyday around us!!

Thanks to Mr. Levin from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia for his inputs and ideas. Thanks to all visitors and medical students who spend their precious time reading our blog and answering the poll.


  1. Must be honest when you answering the poll ya.. we might need this precious information! Thanks!

  2. Too little options for certain questions. I changed my labcoat once every 2 or 3 days but in the poll I have to choose 'once every week'.

  3. Quite a number of schools in the west have already done away with labcoats.

    - and we're the ones with 365 days of sun.

  4. Eugene: Thanks for your participation. I know that some people change every 2-3 days or every 4-5 days, but we just can't put every options in it, unless they can write the exact answer, so I categorize it under every 1 week. :-) Hmmm... just want to do a pilot study regarding this issues. We are planning to work deeper on this matter.

    Jolynn: Thanks for your participation. Quite agree with you, and meanwhile it cause anxiety and tension to patients too, like a barrier between doctors and patients.

    Anyway, I am grateful and thanks for your feedback here :-)