Sunday, August 29, 2010

INTERVARSITY SPORTS MEDIC 2010 - Thinking of a Good & Meaningful Weekend?


  • 8 persons per team
  • Category (a) MALE (b) FEMALE
  • Registration Fee : RM12 per person


    8 persons per team

    Category: (a) MALE

    Registration Fee: RM 12 per person


  • Groups : (a) Single (b) Double,
  • Category : (i) MALE (ii) FEMALE
  • Registration Fee : RM20 per person

Registrations are opened to all Malaysian medical students (SMMAMS / Non-SMMAMS member). Forms and official letter have been sent to your respective university's dean office and Student Representative Council.

Please register online with us and we will direct your university representative to you. Or if you have problems with the online registration, you can always email on the games you want to participate. You should include the details like: 1) Name (please specify Mr/ Ms); 2) University and 3) Futsal/ Basketball/ Badminton (single/double)
To all student representatives / student bodies, if your school has not receive our invitation letter and registration form, please do not hesitate to contact the following person:
(a) Ms. Jayanthi Selvam - 012-2946077 (
(b) Mr. Ravi - 017-7962634 (

As some colleagues had asked "why only 3 games?". Well, this is the first time we are organizing such event and we hope to start good in a smaller scale. Maybe in the coming year, we will include other games like Bowling, Swimming, Chess, Table Tennis, Squash etc. Let us just come and participate in the above games. Winning is not the most important matter. You will have the great opportunity to make new friends and new networks here. Just come for fun!

Please feel free and do not hesitate to drop us your feedbacks and comments. We will be grateful to hear from you! Hope to see you soon here!

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  1. IMU students are most welcome to join.

    IMU Bukit Jalil students can look for Mahen, VP of medicine of SRC. You can email or mahen_jaya_kumar.

    IMU Seremban students can look for Justin Lee. You can email