Thursday, December 30, 2010

Calling for Abstract Submission on 3rd MIMSC 2011 at Historical City Malacca

The SMMAMS's very own medical student conference, the 3rd Malaysian International Medical Student Conference (MIMSC) 2011 is going to be held from 2nd to 5th June 2011, at the Historical City of Malacca.

The 3rd MIMSC 2011 is hosted and organized by Melaka-Manipal Medical College, in collaboration with Society of MMA Medical Students.

The theme for the previous MIMSC was "Gastroenterology and Nutrition". The theme for 3rd MIMSC 2011 will be "Trauma Medicine". Trauma management, which is an essential and important knowledge for all doctors, are seldom emphasized in medical schools. Exposure to Trauma management is limited until you start practicing medicine in the hospital. So, Trauma Medicine has been chosen as the theme for the coming conference, to further expose the students on the recent development and advances in Trauma care.
Registration will be opened soon on January 2011.
Details of the conference (e.g. program, registration procedure and payment details) will be sent to your university's SMMAMS representative and Student Council. All registration will be done through the representative and council members via ONLINE. Details will be announced on the coming January 2011.
International students
can Register ONLINE via our official website (to be announced later), or you can directly email us on
General Rules for Scientific Presentation:
1. Universities are entitled to send as many as possible participants for the competition. Members may be from any local, private or international medical institution.
2. Members who participate should have registered for the conference as delegates and dully paid the conference fee as we are not charging a seperate participation fee for the competition.
3. There will be 2 separate competitions held - Poster Presentation and Oral Presentation.
4. Participant is only allowed to participate in either ONE presentation, NOT BOTH.
5. All participant will be receiving certificate of participation and prizes are awarded for the top 3 winners each for both poster and oral presentation selected by the panel of judges. Judges' decisions are final.
6. Criteria for selection will be based on the following criteria (subject to changes):
- Relevance of the topic
- Method of Research
- Creativity of the poster design
- Presentation performance during oral rounds.
7. Members should email the abstract to the Scientific Committee, MIMSC 2011 by 1st May 2011. You may call the Scientific Committee for further clarifications.
*Rules and Regulations above are subjected to change.
  • All abstract should be submitted in English. Explained abbreviations may be used.
  • All authors are required to send their abstracts ONLINE. Please include your details such as your name, contact number, year of study, and your medical institution.
  • Any late of inappropriately formatted submission will be rejected.
  • Submission must be saved in Microsoft Word document format.
  • Email will be sent to selected participants for the competition. Results for selection of your abstract will be notified via email and it will be informed to your head of delegate.
  • The deadline for submission of abstract is 1st May 2011. (subject to changes)
  • Any abstract received after the dateline will be ONLY considered if the any entries received earlier were unable to participate.
For further clarifications on Scientific Presentation Competition and Abstract Submission, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

***Details regarding the MIMSC 2011 will be released soon in our official conference website, from January 2011 till June 2011. Make sure you had bookmarked and stay tuned with us !!!


  1. Dear colleagues,

    Sorry for the typo errors... abstract submission latest date is by 1st May 2011. We will not accept any submission after that. Thank you.

  2. u guys need to send the invites to all university's office.

  3. Dear Anonymous, we will send offial invitation letter within this 2 weeks.

  4. is webcam one of the necessities? Sama efe