Friday, July 2, 2010


Here you go!!! The idea of SMMAMS Online TV was conceived during the 1st SMMAMS Committee Meeting. So, what are we planning to do?????

We will record down LIVE every event organized or co-organized by SMMAMS, and also including some of the highlighted events which are happening in Malaysian Medical School (if possible in foreign school too!). E.g. Conferences, Continuing Medical Education, Workshops, Quiz, cultural events etc......

Besides, we might conduct interviews with some of the prominent Professors or doctors, to discuss and comment on the relevant issues on health care, medical education, ethics, human rights etc. Some clinical skills video or auscultation audio files can also be shared in SMMAMS TV for every medical students' benefits.

Suggestion and ideas are very much welcome from all of you! Thanks!

** 1st Episode will be COMING SOON after the CME at UKM!! Stay updated with us! **

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