Sunday, July 18, 2010

To be a member of Society of MMA Medical Students, is the responsibility of the future doctor in Malaysia. Register now.

Many of us, Malaysian medical students are not aware of the existence of SMMAMS until we have came to the activities or events organized by SMMAMS. Yes, in Malaysia, we have a medical students organization which represents Malaysian medical students who voices up for our rights, organizes activities for medical students and provides a platform for all of us to come and interact with each others.

Some will asks: "What are the benefits of joining SMMAMS?" Ok, there are many benefits and previlleges you will get by joining us, but I am just going to list few here:
  • Every SMMAMS member will be invited to participate in various activities organized by SMMAMS e.g. Medical Students Conference, CME, Workshops, Sports Meet, Fellowship etc. (discounts will be given to SMMAMS members in all events)
  • Every SMMAMS member will receive a monthly issue of BERITA MMA, published by Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). It keeps us abreast of the latest news and issues revolving around Malaysian doctors and heath care system.
  • Every student member will automatically registered for the Medical Protection Society (MPS). Medical students doing their electives will have their insurance covered for free regardless of placement.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, you give MMA your voice! You strengthen MMA's ability to be your representative in the fight to protect the medical profession in Malaysia.
    With all the benefits you are receiving, you just have to pay RM20 / year ONLY!
    Instead, I will say that joining a medical students association is the responsibility of every medical student, just as all doctors should join their respective medical association in their country. We sincerely like to invite all Malaysian medical students, who are yet to be our member, take the first step by downloading the membership application form and register as SMMAMS member.
    "Together Everyone Achieve More"
    [click here for more information on how to apply for membership]

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