Sunday, June 27, 2010


Dear fellow colleagues,

Hello!! Warmest greetings to all Malaysian medical students, including those who are currently studying abroad. Welcome to the official blog page of SMMAMS!!!

For the coming months and years, we will post all the updates and future activities here and also in our Facebook page. The SMMAMS Committee members would like to encourage all Malaysian medical students to actively take part in the discussions and activities that will be held soon in the future.

If you have any interesting cases, or anything which you like to shout out regarding our medical education or health system and you like to share with our fellow colleagues, you are most welcome to post your article or writing to the webmaster.

Together we can learn, grow and make a difference!

Warmest regards,
SMMAMS Webmaster, Vincent Khor


  1. good start...!!!nicely done vincent...if anythng to add,ill post to you ok..keep it up!;-)