Sunday, February 13, 2011

1st National Symposium on the Art of History Taking

Dear fellow colleagues,

History taking, an important skill acquired during our medical school training. Professors in med school always emphasize to us that with good history taking, in 80% of cases you will arrive at the diagnosis. The cornerstone of good clinical practice continues to be history-taking and skills in clinical examination. Good doctors will continue to be admired for their ability to distill the important information from the history, for their clinical skills and of course not to forget, for their attitude towards patients, and for their knowledge of diseases, disorders and behaviour problems.
I am not sure whether you wonder History taking is actually an art? Just like Medicine!!! It is like an art, not something fixed like a guideline. Many friends I know take history taking like a template you can use universally for all patients, for which I feel it is wrong. Every patient has their own story to tell; they have their history to tell us, to arrive at the diagnosis.

USM Medical Students make the initiative, to organize the 1st National Symposium on the Art of History Taking.

Further information can be downloaded here: [Accommodation], [Registration Instructions], [Registration Form], [Invitation Letter], [Pre-symposium booklet], [Travelling Information].

On behalf of the organizing committee, I would like to call upon all dedicated and passionate good future doctors, to participate in this symposium. Kelantan, where USM is located at, is a very nice place to visit too. Take this opportunity to learn the art of medicine and history taking, and also take your time to visit around Kelantan, which will be organized by USM colleagues.

Organizing a good and meaningful activities as medical students are not easy. I really hope that all of us can show our full support towards these motivated and passionate colleagues from USM.

*Apologies to the organizing committee for putting up the notice late, as I was very busy with my assignments and exams this few weeks. Please kindly allows more participants even after the deadline, so that we can all benefited from the above program. ~SMMAMS Webmaster, Vincent.

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  1. Thank you very much for helping us to post this up. We will accept registration which are after deadline. Just hope that all who are interested in joining can email us the registration as soon as possible. We really need everyone's cooperation. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing all of you in the symposium. We believe it's going to be a beneficial one.
    ~USM Jett Lin