Saturday, April 23, 2011

SMMAMS T-Shirt Design Competition - Update

T-shirt Design Competition Update :

The voting for the design was closed as of 25th of March 2011. A total of about 150 unique votes were received. Currently, results are being calculated. The winner of the competition will be contacted by the 1st week of May, and the results will be announced publicly by the end of May.

Do contact if you have any queries.

In the month of October 2010, SMMAMS hosted a T-Shirt Design Competition with the aim producing a Malaysian medical student T-Shirt for Malaysian medical students.

The T-shirt will serve as the official SMMAMS T-Shirt, which will be made available for Malaysian medical students. The T-shirt will also serve as a symbol of unity among medical students, a symbol of "Together, we are strong".

We have come to the second phase of the T-shirt design competition, being the voting phase. We invite all Malaysian medical students to be a part of this process.

The voting for the SMMAMS T-Shirt Design Competition will start at 8.00am, 24th January 2011, and end at 6.00pm 25th March 2011. Details for the voting process can be found at the end of this post.

We have received a huge number of entries for the T-Shirt Design Competition, and through discussion within the SMMAMS committee, the committee came up with the 6 finalist for the T-shirt Design Competition.

The T-shirt designers will be made anonymous at these stage, in order to reduce any form of bias during the voting process.

Design 1
Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 5

Design 6

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