Friday, December 9, 2011

Kaplan Live Online Event (Dec 14th)

In December we will be running a special live online event in which which we will outline a new bundled product! Thru a relationship with our partner company, Americlerkships, Kaplan will now be able offer international students the opportunity to combine their US based Kaplan USMLE courses with hands-on clinical experience. Outside of high USMLE scores, hands-on US clinical experience is one of the easiest ways IMGs (International Medical Graduates) can differentiate themselves from other applicants when applying for residency!

At the event Americlerkships will explain how US clinical experience plays into a program directors decision making process and outline what a student should expect from their innovative program. Event attendees will also receive a 15% off the bundled program (Kaplan course and clinical experience package) if they enroll in December.

As this partnership has been created due to students' requests please do attend, as it will serve as a valuable training tool.

December is all about informing students about this exciting new product that will allow students the opportunity to bundle USMLE prep with US based clinical experience.

Attaining Hands on Clinical Experience in the US
Description: Listen as Kaplan partner Americlerkships outlines their innovative program which will allow students to combine a Kaplan USMLE program with hands on clinical experience. Event attendees will also receive a 15% off the bundled program if they enroll in December.
Date: Wednesday, December 14th
Time: 8.00 pm Malaysia (12.00 noon GMT)
Registration Link: (please register at least 36 hours in advance)

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