Saturday, January 22, 2011

Inter-Medical Varsity Debate and Sports Competition - 26th February 2011

 Dear fellow Medical Students,

Our colleagues in University Malaya will be hosting an Inter-Medical Varsity Debate and Sports Competition coming 26th February 2011.

The message from the organizers are as follows :

With all due respect, we are pleased to inform that there will be an Inter-Medical Varsity Debate and Sports Competition !!!

By participating in this competition, students are able to expand their knowledge, encourage thinking critically, learn to debate and argue with solid reasons. Students can multiply their social network especially among medical students themselves across the country.

Therefore we would like to invite the participants from your university to be part of this memorable event. The details are as follows:

Date: 26th February2011
Time: From 7.00 a.m till 7.00p.m
Place: Sixth Residential College, University of Malaya

Participants per team/group
Maximum team/group
Charged per team
RM 60.00
Netball (girl)
RM 200.00
Futsal (boy)
RM 160.00
Futsal (girl)
RM 160.00

Those who are interested can contact Jason Liew (016-5488873), Chai Chang Hui (019-8828879)(Debate), Noor Amalina bt Rosli (019-6102016) (Sports).

You can also opt to email Jason Liew at

All entries are accepted until 15th February 2011.

For debate competition, we would like to invite one representative among the lecturers as the adjudicator.

For your information, you are allowed to bring along as many supporters as you can to join as spectators for the event. Foods for breakfast, lunch and evening tea break are prepared for participant and the adjudicators.

Your cooperation and support is deeply appreciated. We hope that you will not miss this opportunity to be part of the inter-varsity event.

The formal letter had already been sent out to all the varsities. Please email Jason Liew ( to request for the participation forms, as well as debate rules.

Kindly click the "share" button on the bottom right of this page to share this news on your Facebook. We would really appreciate your effort in being a part of this medical student community of ours.

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