Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stimulating Student's Interest in Physiology: the Inter Medical School Physiology Quiz

Research article by:

Professor Dr. Cheng Hwee-Ming

Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur.

The Inter-Medical school physiology quiz (IMSPQ) was initiated in 2003 during my last sabbatical from the Universiti Malaya. At this inaugural event, there were just 7 competiting teams from Malaysian Medical Schools. The challenge trophy for IMSPQ is named in honor of Prof. A. Raman. Prof. Raman was the first Malaysian Professor of Physiology in and University of Malaya and he passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest on 1998.

The interest generated by this physiology quiz has been very encouraging. At the sixth IMSPQ in 2008 and 7th IMSPQ in 2009, the competition expanded to >30 teams with more than half of the teams from overseas. IMSPQ gatherings have included medical students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Czech republic.

The IMSPQ has become a wonderful platform for international students to meet and establish friendships. The accompanying lecturers of the teams also have the opportunity to network and share interest in the teaching of physiology.

I had personally participated once in the quiz, on 2008. It was amazing and it had successfully stimulated my interest in physiology. Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in the 2009 quiz as I have classes and could not take leave to participate in this meaningful event. However, I am participating this year again. Besides competition, I have the opportunity to meet and social with medical students from different parts of the world. If you have not registered for this quiz, never mind, its ok!! Please come on 25 September at University of Malaya to witness the great "battle" among the universities. I am looking forward to see all of you there!!

Please click here to download and read the full article by Prof. Dr. Cheng.

Click here to download the program booklets of 7th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz. It is interesting. Please download it and have a look!

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